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Tradition and Modernity, Quality and Reliability


Established in 1961, KOHNLE GmbH has been successfully managed until 1989 by the founder and owner,
Mr. Wolfgang KOHNLE. Ownership has been transferred to an U.S. venture capital group in 1989 and
remained there until 1995, when a small group of local, private shareholders purchased the company.
KOHNLE remained to stay at the same location - Birkenfeld / Pforzheim - in the south of Germany in the
northern outbound of the black forest, though it’s facilities several times underwent expansion and
modernization measures.

The focus of KOHNLE for the first 20 years of it’s existence was mainly the local watch & jewelry industry
as well as surgical instruments industry, whom were back then demanding a large number of small and
medium size continuous straight trough annealing furnaces.

Towards the end of the 1970's, KOHNLE introduced larger and more complex heat treatment to the market
and at the same time market activities increased throughout Germany and also beginning on some selected
export markets.

About ten years later - at the end of the 1980's - the product portfolio could be expanded again,
now introducing a full range of state of the art gas heating systems. At the same time, available capacity
has been increased up to 2.000 kg/hr and more export markets, including overseas were served as well.

Again, a decade later - 1999 - KOHNLE embarked under new management to increase the diversity of it’s
product portfolio, including numerous new developments. Kohnle heat treating lines could be successfully
placed within the automotive industry, since then the central focus of the company.

KOHNLE founded a subsidiary company in India together with a local company. The name of this new founded
subsidiary company is KOHNLE HEAT TREATING SYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd. and is located in Chennai.
Togehter with this company KOHNLE is able to serve high quality heat treatment lines for a lower price
including German design work to customers which are located outside of Europe.

Currently and for the future KOHNLE is focused to increase the energie efficiency of heat treatment lines
to protect the environment and reduce the running costs of the machines.

At KOHNLE’s headquarter - Birkenfeld, Germany - approx. 40 engineers and employees are taking care
of development, design, detail- and final factory assembly and testing of all equipment.


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